Network and Application Performance Management

Performance metrics are critical to business and engineering decisions.  If you’re providing a service you need to be measuring it.  If you have good metrics you can continually improve your design and business strategy and use these KPIs to measure the results of your improvement efforts.

Developing good key performance indicators (KPIs) for your network can be challenging.  Collecting and reporting these metrics can also be challenging.  Then there’s the task of using these KPIs to make critical decisions – both tactical decisions regarding day-to-day operations and strategic decisions such as business strategy, system design changes, and service provider management.

NPI will help you define your KPIs, implement collection and reporting, and work with business units to provide processes to make critical business decisions.

NPI also provides analysis services using tools such as Riverbed to isolate performance problems and help design improvements.  Contact Us for more information.

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