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Yes, we audited you on behalf of one of your major accounts. – let’s discuss our findings

LogoNetwork Performance Innovations (NPI) was contracted by one of your customers to perform a network assessment because they were experiencing poor performance with their web-based applications and Acxiom could not identify or resolve the problem.

NPI was given access to the customer’s network on your facility in Conrad AK.  There was no application or network instrumentation in place.  NPI deployed instrumentation and discovered many issues with the network design, network management, and application performance monitoring.  We also made some observations about IT and project management.

If you’re in a position to shape IT management strategy, we’d like to share our findings with you and help you move forward.

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You scored poorly

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[evp t=thirditem img=”” last=0 title=”Reactive”]Proactive management was practically nonexistent.[/evp]

[evp t=thirditem img=”” last=0 title=”Illusion of Support”]Your support team was constantly on conference calls with the customer fighting fires.[/evp]

[evp t=thirditem img=”” last=1 title=”Expectations”]The purpose of network management is to address problems before they impact your customers.[/evp]

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We can help you move forward

Your IT management process were poor.  Everything was reactive.  Design was non-existant, project managers managed provisioning and implementation – we needed a project manager to turn up a switch port.  This is ineffective and inefficient.   Business process based on the ITIL framework would improve efficiency. Standardizing your configuration and subjecting it to Release Management and a highly structured Service Design strategy requires a paradigm shift that very few organizations have made. This improves service availability and paves the way for automation which practically eliminates human error and speeds up the implementation process tremendously.

[evp t=saleitem img=”” last=0 title=”A Case Study – DTS-PO: the ISP for the Department of State field offices.”] When a customer required a change to service, the time from service order to delivery averaged about three months. The technology refresh for the next generation network, FASTNET, resulted in a very complex design due to the unique nature of the requirements. ITIL processes were implemented, and they were continually improved until they became effective and efficient. The Supplier developed an Operational Support System (OSS) that automated service to delivery. The result was service to delivery in minutes without unexpected service disruption. All aspects of FCAPS were also addressed by OSS as part of the system lifecycle. They realized a ROI as well.  The OSS automation was key to this achievement.[/evp]
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Let us help you turn this around and productize your IT management strategy.

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